Please book at least 3 nights in advance. For booking shorter than 7 nights, please contact us directly.

The advantage of a Serviced Apartment

Why choosing a Serviced Apartment

Brera Serviced Apartment was founded because its CEO, Matteo Ghedini, was on the road a lot. He was constantly searching for a place where he would feel home when he arrives….especially when he stayed more than two days…let´s say for a project or similar activities. With the real estate family business on his background he then decided to create a place he was so much missing when being on the road….feeling home! Enjoying a private space ! Not being depended on restaurants but having the possibility of staying at home, preparing some real Italian pasta (Matteo´s home is Milan) and being able to just have a chilly evening with no hassle.


This is how we started….and this is basic the success of the Servied Apartment Industry. What has been very successful in the UK for years already is finally finding its space in the German market too. Our guests are tired of a sterile, anonymous, lonely place – our guests are looking for a cosy atmosphere where you can leave your belongings in the morning and find them exactly this way when you return at night. You can leave your papers, your devices, your pjs and even your personal family pictures from back home on your shelve. Housekeeping service every two weeks is for most of our guests very convenient – some book additional service – but this is up to individual choice.


We have also learned that most of our guests enjoy going grocery shopping at night….that`s why our locations are in direct vicinity to supermarkets. Shopping like a local but cooking like home…this is what a Serviced Apartment divers from a hotel. Your privacy – making your home away from home really like a place that feels home – taking advantage of the services that are offered and even get to know other guests. May it be that you meet them through a Facebook group that you can join if you like or you meet them at one of our “friends night out”. There is a good chance that you get to know your neighbors.